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Audio Classes

Audio Classes


Chabad of Northeast Queens offers an exciting Adult Education program with regular live classes on a variety of topics by learned and passionate lecturers.

Chabad is proud to present to the listening public Audio Classes, where from the comfort of your home, you can enjoy stimulating lectures.


Enjoy studying from the Tanya, the seminal work by the founder of the Chabad Lubavitch dynasty - Rabbi Schneur Zalmen of blessed memory.
Discover a new dimension to the Jewish Holidays with depth and inspiration. This lecture series will enhance your understanding and appreciation for the meaning, customs, and traditions of the holidays we celebrate throughout the year.
Come and discover how the Talmudists, the medieval and early modern commentators studied the five Books of Moses.
Discover reservoirs of inner strength, the unique power of your feminine soul, and the decisive role that women play in the ultimate purpose of creation. For 2010, the class will focus on an examination of the Torah intertwined with Jewish history.