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Toddlers born 08, 09, 10

In House Trips
• Fun Bus
• Petting Zoo & Pony Rides
• Gymnastics by Park City Gymnastics
• Yoga
• Inflatable Fun

Clay Play
Children explore the physical properties of clay in many ways. Pounding, pinching, poking & scraping clay provides children with the opportunity to develop sensory awareness, construct knowledge and express their creativity through this medium.

Little Chefs
Creating a variety of edible treats helps children understand that quantity, texture & taste can be affected by the mixing of different foods. Baking Challah & Shabbat parties are always a favourite!

Water Play
Children delight in water exploration indoors & outdoors. Water play provides oppotunities for curios toddlers to experiment, investigate and experience their world around them. Outdoor sprinklers keep teh children cool, while exercising their gross motor skills in the spacious outdoor playground.

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Children Entering K
Fun Filled Days
Young campers are intorduces to a REAL camp experience. Under the guidance of our outstanding staff, the children enjoy a variety of CGI specials & trips, as they learn the value of friendship and community. Our selection of activites is geared towards promoting creativity and developmentally appropriate skills.

CGI Specials
Yoga, music, art, gymnastics, sports, swimming , animals and much more!

Trip Days
Magic Show, Bowling, White Post Farms, Funtopia, Pony Rides. 
Junior and Senior Division • Visit Blog 
Children Entering Grades 1-7

Lights, Camera, Action
Campers will be supplied with digital cameras as they explore the basics of photographic composition, digital touch ups and printing.

Sing, Dance, act. Be Star!

Participate in every facet of putting together a play, writing, gattering and creating props, contructing sets and acting.

Trip Days
Archery, Hot Skates, Circus Project, The Beast, Splish Splash, Sports in the Park, Fun Station USA and More.

CGI Clubs
Baking, Crafts, Art, Gardening Music, Gymnastics and More.

Supervised by our experienced instuctor, children develop confidence and the ability to enjoy all sports, including baseball, basketball, football, kickball and more.


Chabad of Northeast Queens Camp Gan Israel
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