Chabad is an acronym for three Hebrew words-

Chochmah, Wisdom

Binah, Comprehension

Daas, Knowledge

These three words describe the process of a systematic understanding of the most fundamental Jewish truths taught in the Torah. Chabad is based on and elucidates some of the most esoteric secrets of the Kabalah. Lubavitch is the name of the town in White Russia, where the Chassidic movement called Lubavitch was born, hence the name Chabad Lubavitch. Lubavitch in Russian means Love.

At The Early Learning Center & The Academy, children receive an education based on the above mentioned principles. Each child receives unconditional love from their educators. Holiday and Jewish culture are imparted to them in a non-judgmental most comprehensive manner allowing the children to acquire a deep understanding and appreciation of the fundamentals of both Judaic and general subjects explored.

Chasidism has from its onset emphasized the importance of joy. To be sure, the atmosphere at Chabad of Northeast Queens is always a joyous one which is contagious and brings a positive attitude to teachers and students alike.