The Academy 

(Kindergarten-8th Grade) 

At Chabad Academy of the Arts and Sciences, we will create a child-centered community of motivated learners in a progressive learning environment with an emphasis of interdisciplinary and global learning of the arts and sciences in a Torah atmosphere. We will provide a rigorous, well-rounded Jewish educational program that will foster the development of literate, creative, culturally aware, and technologically confident learners. By introducing students to an innovative and nurturing learning environment, we will promote curiosity and creativity, while also providing the academic tools that will help them exceed the New York State Curriculum Standards. 

Our Individualized Curriculum:

Our small class size will allow your child to have one-on-one differentiated instruction. We will encourage a love of learning through engaging and challenging hands-on programs. The foundation of our curriculum will be built on the pillars of elementary education encompassing Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Art, Music, Social Studies, and Physical Education. However, unlike some programs, our learning does not stop here. It is our philosophy to infuse Judaic studies into all elements of the learning experience along with dedicated periods of Judaic studies. 

Multiage Classrooms:

Multiage classrooms benefit students as they first learn from peers, then have the opportunity to lead in academic and social areas. Our curriculum builds on the strengths, development, and learning style of each student. Each day, students work one-on-one with their teacher and in small family groups on language arts, reading, writing, math, and science.

The benefits of a multiage classroom are multi-faceted. The younger children are surrounded by thinkers who are more accomplished in the subject at hand. The older students benefit as well, since acting as a guide and explaining how to do something requires an in-depth understanding of one’s subject.