The Early Learning Center & The Academy’s

School Community


We look to form heterogeneous groups of students reflecting the diverse neighborhoods in which we live. We seek a broad range of abilities and personalities as well as a balance in gender and age. We are committed to diversity in ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religious background. This diversity fosters the sharing of different experiences, as children learn from each other and develop respect for each other’s learning styles, strengths, weaknesses, and differences.


Parents are an important part of the school community. The partnership between families and the school is vital to the healthy growth of children. All parents can be members of our Parents’ Association which sponsors and supports social functions and fundraising events.


Teachers and staff constitute the heart of an excellent school. Teachers are dedicated to the School and are passionate about teaching. A strong mentoring program supports teachers as they learn the school’s educational methods. We support professional development for teachers throughout the academic year and summer.

Parent-Teacher Communications

The sharing of information and ideas about each child and how best to serve his or her needs is an extremely valuable part of our educational process. The school encourages daily communication between our staff and parents. In addition, twice-yearly conferences are held with parents to discuss your child’s development and growth, as well as experiences at home.