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Where your shopping dollars will help earn money for the Chabad!

There are two ways to shop and earn money for the Chabad:

1. The listings in BLACK are major retailers (over 600) and part of the shop to earn side,
including Target, Gap, Staples, Banana Republic, Home Depot,, and
many more. To shop these stores, simply click on those links and start
shopping (the percentage listed next to the store name is how much of your dollars
will be donated to Chabad)!

2. The listings in GREEN are eco-friendly stores that are part of the shop to earth side
and require you to become a preferred customer in order for Chabad to receive the
donated dollars. In that case, simply complete the following steps (you only need to do
this the first time you shop):

  1. Click on the preferred customer link and follow the steps to set up your ID and
    password. This will create your customer profile.

  2. A screen will come up showing that you have completed the registration process.
    Click on ‘proceed to secure checkout’

  3. Click to continue as a ‘registered preferred customer’

  4. The virtual office comes up. Simply sign in with the user ID and password that
    you created and you are ready to shop at all the shop to earth stores
    Once you have registered, all you’ll have to do in the future when you shop the green
    stores is to login with your user ID and password.