Welcome to the Chabad Synagogue located at 26-06 213th Street.

Chabad House (small)

Our Synagogue is a warm, welcoming place where you can come and commune with your Creator at your own pace. The Services are conducted in Hebrew. The Prayer books are
Hebrew/English, and the page numbers are announced regularly.

Shabbat Services

On Friday night in the summer months, we meet at 7:00 pm and in the winter months, 5 minutes after candle lighting time. On Shabbat morning we begin Services at 10:00 am, followed by a delicious Kiddush. On Shabbat afternoon, we begin Mincha Services at candle lighting time in the winter. During the summer, the time fluctuates. Please call the office at 718 279 1457.

Weekend Services

Sunday morning the Service is at 8:30 am.

Weekday Services

We are happy to share that Chabad now has a daily Shachris Service at 8:00 AM Monday-Friday. Please call the office to confirm 718 279 1457

Holiday Services

We conduct Services on all Jewish Holidays.